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Activate your $200 or $2000 VIP Card by entering and confirming the activation code on the card. Then, you will be prompted to create your login credentials for Goodlife USA. This allows you to access Goodlife's proprietary Travel Booking Engine, which provides exclusive travel savings that are only available to Goodlife USA subscribers. Your $200 or $2000 VIP card gives you a taste of the savings that our subscribers have unlimited access to.


Members of the general public book their travel plans through OTA’s (Online Travel Agencies) such as,, and Tripadvisor. There are hundreds of OTA's — but just two companies, Expedia and Priceline, own most of them. Although these OTA’s appear to compete with each other, travel prices in the public market are generally the same. Try your new VIP Card and Goodlife’s Travel Booking Engine to access wholesale travel prices and pay less than any other OTA on the market.


Goodlife USA does not allow the general public to access our wholesale travel prices. You MUST be logged in with your Goodlife USA credentials to access our Travel Booking Engine. This is similar to shopping at Costco or Sam’s Club — you pay to be a member and access their ‘member-only’ prices. Goodlife USA brings you the same concept, but in the form of online travel!


Goodlife USA is the way to start saving on over 500,000 hotels, resorts and other travel expenses worldwide. Once you have had a taste of the "Good Life" with your $200 or $2000 VIP Card, feel free to check out all of the other travel and lifestyle benefits that our subscription has to offer!


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